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To all authors of RWTH,
author identifications are standard in modern publishing. They assure your authorship.
Do you also want to have your own publication records within RWTH Publications assigned clearly to your own identity,
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Publication server / Open Access (11,303)
Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences (Fac.1) (37,949)
Department of Mathematics (4,983) Department of Computer Science (8,925) Department of Physics (9,279) Department of Chemistry (8,622) Department of Biology (4,419) No department assigned (2,024)
Faculty of Architecture (Fac.2) (3,496)
Faculty of Civil Engineering (Fac.3) (9,314)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Fac.4) (40,857)
Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering (Fac.5) (18,994)
Division of Mineral Resources and Raw Materials Engineering (3,307) Division of Materials Science and Engineering (8,682) Division of Earth Sciences and Geography (5,882) No department assigned (1,304)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Fac.6) (18,804)
Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Fac.7) (10,114)
School of Business and Economics (Fac.8) (5,506)
Faculty of Medicine (Fac.10) (43,203)
University Hospital (1,767)
Central and Other Institutions (7,640)
Central University Administration (124)
Staff Councils and Other Representations (8)
Board of Governors (0)
Rector's Office (202)
RWTH Aachen (no further subdivision) (18,323)
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External Publications (17,637)
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Authorities (319,144)
Grants (47,985) Experiments (218) Institutions (15) Institutes (1,310) People (197,803) Periodicals (71,818) Publication types (39) Statistics keys (66) Controlled vocabulary (121)
Research data (304)
Document types (221,692)
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